Your Medical and Surgical Supplier for the Healthcare Industry

Endomed is a privately owned South African company which was established in September 1997 after South Africa achieved democracy. The managing owners have a total of over 25 years combined experience in the surgical and healthcare industry.

The political situation in South Africa has afforded Endomed the opportunity to penetrate the market as an equal opportunity company that provides quality products at competitive pricing that promotes safe conditions for healthcare professionals and patients.
As the South African healthcare industry focuses on providing a safer environment in terms of infection control for both patients and staff, Endomed is poised with a broad range of medical safety devices including safety scalpels, safety lancets and safety syringes.

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Endomed Registered Brands

Our registered brands thoroughly researched and evaluated to meet the highest International quality standards.  Endomed Registered brands have earned a reputable image in the healthcare industry since 1997, We have catered for the Private an Public Sector here in South Africa and across boarders.

Benefits of Doing Business with Endomed

  • Service Experience for over 50 Years in the Healthcare Industry
  • International Manufacturing Standard Facilities to cater for growing demand.
  • Local Manufacturing of Healthcare products to ensure competitive pricing.
  • Global Partnerships to ensure Healthcare Products offered are inline with trends
  • Creating Jobs and Uplifting communities within South Africa since 1997
  • Sole agencies acquired to offer expert advice and training on Innovative Lifesaving Medical Devices.

Featured Products

  • Diaspect TM - HB Meter
  • Glucose Meter
  • Gauze
  • Bone Marrow needle
  • Medical Dressing Trays
  • linen savers
  • Body Bags
  • Sterile Cotton Wool

View our Online Catalogue

Browse over our diverse range of Medical and Surgical Products today.