Safety Syringe

The OMI Safety Syringe has the lowest amount of waste space when compared to any other safety retractable syringe available on the market. By increasing the number of doses per multidose vial, the OMI Safety Syringe offers significant financial savings to your healthcare.

The patented OMI Retractable Syringe is both innovative and simple to use. It offers one-handed use, with a needle that automatically retracts into the syringe plunger rod the moment all fluid is expelled creating a safer working environment for healthcare workers.

The Syringe has won an Australian Design Award, an honor bestowed upon products at the top of their field.

1. Available in a wide array of syringe and needle sizes to meet all your clinical needs.
2. Having a lower waste space syringe maximises savings in medications costs.
3. Optically clear, precision marked barrels ensure patients receive an accurate dose of medication.
4. Auto safety mechanism significantly reduces the risk of occupational injury prior to disposal.
5. OMI’s retractable safety syringe technology requires a simple one-handed activation. Most needle stick injuries occur soon after use. With the OMI Retractable Syringe, the needle is locked inside the plunger rod once activated, providing health care professionals and consumers with protection and an increased level of safety.
6. OMI has achieved world class needle sharpness through the use of high grade Nipro steel tubing combined with the application of the latest grinding technology to produce a five bevel cut on the needle tip.
7. Coloured as per the ISO standards, the bands are clearly displayed on the barrel to assist identification. These also serve as an activation window which clearly indicates when the safety mechanism has been triggered.

The result is a safe, non-reusable product designed to reduce potential needle stick injuries.

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