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Welcome to Endomed: Pioneering Healthcare Solutions Since 1997

Elevating Healthcare Since 1997. Our Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Innovation Sets Us Apart. Explore our range of trusted medical supplies and experience excellence in healthcare solutions. Discover the Endomed Advantage today

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Haemagloblin Meters

Endomed offers a range of hemoglobin testing products, which are essential for diagnosing and monitoring various medical conditions such as anemia. These products provide accurate and reliable results, aiding healthcare professionals in delivering appropriate care to patients.

IV canulars

IV cannulae are crucial medical devices used to administer fluids, medications, and other treatments directly into a patient's bloodstream. Endomed's IV cannulae are designed for ease of use, patient comfort, and optimal performance, ensuring safe and efficient intravenous access.


Endomed's syringes are engineered with precision to deliver medications and fluids with accuracy and safety. They are available in various sizes and types to suit different medical applications, making them an essential tool in healthcare settings


Infection control is paramount in healthcare, and gloves are a fundamental component of this effort. Endomed provides high-quality medical gloves designed to offer protection for healthcare professionals. These gloves help prevent the spread of infections and ensure a safe working environment

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